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A card catalog is a list of the holdings of a library, printed, typed, or handwritten on catalog cards, each representing a single bibliographic item in the collection.  Catalog cards are normally filed in a single alphabetical sequence (dictionary catalog), or in separate sections by author, title, and subject (divided catalog), in the long narrow drawers of their specially designed wooden filing cabinets. 

Book publishers and authors utilize the Dewey Decimal System whereas a library may use the LC system.

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A-Z by Title

Coming Tribulation, Cecil J. Lowry (1943) [ref. #13.0]
Creation Bible [ref. #14.0]
Earth's Shifting Crust,Saturday Evening Post (Jan. 10, 1959)  [ref. #19.0]
Egg for a hot chick, Life (Oct.26,1953)  [ref. #16.1]
Energy Non-Crisis, Lindsey Williams (July 1980) [ref. #11.0]
Evolution of the Computer, Tomorrow's World (May 1971) [ref. #9.0]
History of the English Bible [ref. #0.2]
Holy Bible, King James Version  (1611) [ref. #0.0]
How did the Ark hold all those animals?, Tomorrow's World (May 1971)[ref. #9.0]
Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament (1866) [ref. #12.0]
Living Bible, Kenneth Taylor [ref. #1.0]
Mystery of the Frozen Mammoths, Coronet (September 1960)  [ref. #20.0]
New English Bible [ref. #3.0]
No truth to statement 'Dead men tell no tales', William Gildea (1977) [ref. # 16.0]

New  additions are being made from time to time.
Library archives will always be small  but unique.

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