Perilous Times No. 1

You can see Dr. William C. Douglass as guest on Maureen Salaman's program Accent on Health which aired 2/18/88.  Unfortunately I didn't record the first part of it which aired the preceeding week.  This recording is only the second show,  but he tells the complete story in the article which I have re-printed here in the e-magazine.

His book published 2003 is available on Amazon-

To demonstrate noteworthy changes which have taken place in translating the original Greek text (which has remained constant for nearly 2000 years), here is a brief history of the English translation of this verse (Rev. 6:8) :

  • The King James in 1611 translated all four —   kill (with) sword (with) hunger (with) death (with) the beasts of the earth.
  • The Twentieth Century New Testament in 1900-1904 translates thusly —  destroy (with) sword and famine and death, and (by means of) the wild beasts of the earth.   Hooray for this version, they got it right here at least.  
  • The American Standard Version in 1901 made the distinction in the last one — kill (with) sword, (with) famine, (with) death, (by) the wild beasts of the earth.      It also adds the word wild and changes hunger to famine.
  • R.F. Weymouth translation in 1903 concurs with TCNT — kill (with) the sword (with) famine, pestilence, (by means of) the wild beasts of the earth. 
  • J.B. Phillips in 1958 makes a further distinction — kill (with) the sword, (by) famine, (by) violence, (through) the wild beasts of the earth.    It adds the word wild and changes death to violence.  A very significant translation here, it makes it explicitly clear. It was the first one that caught my eye back in 1988.  One of the better paraphrase versions.  To date, I haven't found another version that uses THROUGH.
  • The Berkeley Version in Modern English in 1945 agrees with TCNT on the last one  — (by means of) the wild beasts of the earth.  The entire bible was completed in 1959 with Dr. William Sanford LaSor on the staff of translators, a man who eventually had two earned Phd's.
  • The International Standard Version in 1995 seems to think it is more appropriate to change the wording altogether —  to kill people using wars, famines, plagues and the wild animals of the earth.   Although I agree with what they are saying here in their commentary/version, I can't say that it's proper to translate it that way.  It becomes a paraphrase such as Good News version.
  • The Good News version of 1992 wants to include the meaning of hupo (5259) as controlling the entire verse —  to kill (by means of) war, famine, disease and wild animals.  

The summary looks to be like this....

To Kill or destroy (the verb here), using these four methods becomes apparent and obvious intentional murder, genocide, population control and population reduction by the Humanists, Intnl. Bankers, the elite who are running things on planet earth, who are trying to play God here. 

However, God is way ahead of the Humanists in de-population, if you read the Amplified footnote on Isaiah 24.

  • The Sword has always come to be known as the symbol for war.
  • Hunger becomes famine or food shortage, (anything from malnutrition to starvation) maybe from drought or weather control or Corporate agri-business such as Monsanto, Goodyear farms, JR Simplot. Remember when the govt paid you NOT to plant certain crops back during the FDR administration.  But in terms of OT prophecy the prophet Haggai seems to be right-on for today in 1:6 where he says-
"ye have sown much, but bring in little,  [not farming according to the OT law principles such as letting the ground lay fallow every 7th year, and of course using hybrid seeds instead of open-pollenated ones, using pesticides and herbicides, etc, etc.]
ye eat, but ye have not enough, [GMO's (a frankenstein program) / Nutritious food in general??] 
ye clothe you, but there is none warm, [ polyester vs. cotton or wool?]
and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put into a bag with holes"  [inflation? which comes from paper currency, NOT gold or silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
  • Death becomes disease or pestilence, or plague although J.B. Phillips comes up with violence, but it can simply mean 'death' as the mortality rate increases but also realize men's hearts shall fail them for fear as they see these things coming upon earth.  That is why the Bible says, be anxious for nothing, but look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.  There is hope.
  • The Beasts of the earth should be self-explanitory, but needs to be understood that it simply means wild animals such as you have in most jungles across the world.  So they become victims of dangerous experiments with these wild animals in the laboratory making them a tool or weapon THROUGH which they are able to produce dangerous viruses.  Again, it's man fooling around with nature doing things he shouldn't, it's bad science.  It reminds me of Gen. 11:6 and the Living Bible footnote there.   Read E magazine Bible Times no.6 for full explanation of the knowledge.

But knowing that the Greek word hupo only means THROUGH here, and THROUGH the agency of something; and not 'from' or 'with' but BY MEANS OF .... not simply being 'by';  it makes it explicitly clear that man is doing something here that makes the wild animals an agent or tool through which they annihilate people with.  And Dr. Douglass  or the WHO calls these deadly retro viruses from animals,  AGENTS !
    A primary preposition; under, that is, (with the genitive) of place (beneath), or with verbs (the agency or means, through); (with the accusative) of place (whither [underneath ] or where [below ]) or time (when [at ])



     And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. -Rev. 11:18



    Two goals have been set into motion. A group of people feel the only way to bring back balance to the world is if there were fewer people.

    Thus, they envisage the need to depopulate the world and conclude that the best way to do that is by poisoning the food we eat while they make profits through the methods being introduced.
    Is the world’s population really increasing at the rate that is being given to us?
    Is it possible that these numbers are manipulated?
    What do people really know about UN’s Codex Alimentarius and how guidelines are laid out to slowly poison the people of the world?
    How much do we know about the undetectable or barely detectable medical, nutritional and environmental interventions that are taking place purely to reduce world population?
    The world is 7 billion the goal is to reduce that number by 90% into 500 million, how a good question but unknown to us that plan is has already been implemented!

    We are told the world is now 7 billion. Is this a statistic we can accept? We know that populations are declining in Western nations so much so that it is posing a security threat.

    Thus, their anger with immigrants whose births are rising predicting a possible takeover of these nations by immigrants one day. Immigrants are having more babies and immigrant death rates are slower. Yet, look at the abortion statistics the world over and do some calculations to see how far these figures are actually believable.

    Is this another manipulation to enforce programs and action plans?

    Arable Land/Codex Alimentarius

    They say he who controls food - controls the world.

    In 1997 Beijing Women's Conference, the head of the UN food program said that Food would be used as a weapon against the people. It is proving to be true. Global Multinational corporations do not want us to know what is inside the food we are eating. Thus, a major drive to enforce GM foods.

    Eating GM foods will change one’s DNA, make changes in the biological system etc.

    Once the GMO food enters into one’s system people will become a slave to those that own the pesticides that grow GM foods. GMO foods are not labeled because they do not want to reveal what is inside.

    There are attempts to refer GMO as Biotechnology foods which people use instead of organic. However, bio is not organic. Countries that try to label GMO foods are politically pressured by US and its allies. This is the real politics taking place.

    All in all, GM crops are a failure. They threaten the world's food supply, they are toxic to the environment and to humans and they serve no legitimate purpose in agriculture other than to give complete control of food to a few multinational corporations.

    The WHO and the FAO in 1963 created a Trade Commission called Codex Alimentarius at the request of the United Nations. Codex has rules and guidelines for everything we consume except for pharmaceuticals. Please look up

    In 1994, Codex declared nutrients to be toxins.

    At the Stockholm Convention against Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in 2004, 177 countries agreed to ban 12 pollutants (POPs) 9 of which were pesticides.

    These were,
    Polychlorinated Biphenyls
    Toxophene pesticide
    However, the implementation of Codex Alementarius on 31 December 2009 will mean that of the 9 forbidden POPs banned by 177 nations 7 will be brought back to use.

    Not many who attend these international conferences care to divulge the truth because they are bribed not to.

    Under Codex every animal used as meat/dairy have to be treated with Monsanto’s recombined bovine growth hormone. For dairy this enables production growth by 10-15%. This however, causes cancers of varying kinds. Under codex every animal must be treated with growth hormones. Under codex all food must be irradiated (exposed to radiation).

    Under this guideline 3 billion deaths were being calculated starting with 1billion from starvation. The next 2 billion are targeted to die from preventable diseases. This is how the depopulation countdown has started and is currently happening at this very moment.

    If there is plenty of arable land why is there any need for genetically modified food?

    There are only 4100 million acres (41million or 15 million sq.miles) of arable land. 5% of this land is preserved as parks/wildlife and others leaving 33 million to be used for agriculture of which 16 million is currently being used.

    Why is it then that a billion people remain malnourished?

    Isn’t the problem in the manner arable land is being used and what food should be grown that is the problem? In the US, 20-40% of agricultural produce is wasted.

    This is the same in most western nations.

    Global Warming

    We are told that chemtrails will solve global warming but in essence what is happening is that there is a build up of toxins in our environment, in our bodies to a point when it makes us sterile or fast-forwards our death.

    What is happening is that the sky is being sprayed with aluminum oxide, strontium oxide and barium oxide - these are making us sick, these are destroying natural plant life and the rich soils on earth so that GMO foods can be promoted.

    This is geo-engineering disguised as global warming and part of a depopulation plan by Henry Kissinger in 1974 which led to birth control, euthanasia, eugenics, agent orange, “creating” revolutions”, coups, disasters, famines and wars - every time a nation did not comply to the will of those who thought they had the right to rule the world.

    Naturally, it was mostly Third World nations that were targeted.

    chemtrailing pilots don’t know what they are actually doing
    supermarkets don’t know that food is irradiated
    farmers don’t know why animals have to be injected by law
    doctors giving vaccines don’t know what’s really inside the vaccines they are injecting to our bodies?
    Only a few bother to even search.

    Incidentally, none of the medical reps know what they are promoting either. It would be surprising if the politicians cared to find out in greater detail what exactly is going on too?

    Often money becomes the component that keeps the truth from becoming public.

    Flu/Virus etc..

    Could this new range of flues, virus’s be part of a new bio-weapon?

    Doctors certainly don’t know how to diagnose and simply put it down to a virus/flu making the cure far more dangerous than the infection. See the number of “visitors” to hospitals… and who is profiting from providing the “cures” and how “safe” are these “cures”?

    There is also evidence to prove that swine pandemic is man-made. Novartis (the world’s largest pharmaceutical company with over $53billion revenue) is said to be guilty of conspiring with US “scientists” at the US Army Institute of Pathology to create a “novel influenze” virus through “reverse engineering” released in 2009 to create an avenue to sell Novartis vaccines.

    Create the demand and profit from the supply. The vaccine in reality is meant to create a virulent deadly disease which is all part of a game plan to depopulate the world. Naturally the proprietary flu vaccine is protected by the patent granted under “split influenza vaccine with adjuvants” in 2009.

    The “swine-flu” is a recombinant consisting of A-strain bird flu (H5N1), swine flue (H1N1) and human flu (H3N2) - this is the same component that killed millions in 1918. The 2009 swine flu could also be called bird flu because it is H5N1 (bird flu) and H1N1 (pig flu).

    WHO has been commissioned to use vaccines that would permanently sterilize people. WHO was accused of involuntarily sterilizing 3m in Philippines.

    H1N1 vaccine was designed to create permanent infertility - pregnant women and children were to be given first.

    Connections to world bodies makes pharmaceutical companies richer. It is believed that 2/3 of funds to the WHO come from global pharmaceutical companies. Would it then be a surprise why WHO sanctions the production and use of vaccines that are being developed by global pharmaceutical companies?

    Look up and see how SV40 virus originating from dead monkeys was used knowingly for various vaccination campaigns with those born between 1941 and 1961 thought to be at risk of being infected with SV40 and will have 300% chances of developing cancer.

    Some quotes on depopulation
    Dr. Eric R. Pianka a scientist in his speech to the Texas Academy of Science in April 2006 advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through airborne ebola virus but the speech was ordered to be kept off the record.

    "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."
    Prince Philip
    ...told Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988.

    Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, still a leading member of the Bilderberg Group and one of the eminences grise in American politics, who simply said:
    “The world population must be reduced by 50 percent.”

    Ted Turner explained:
    “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95 percent decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

    Bill Gates continues to pour millions of dollars into high-risk geo-engineering projects that purport to offer a solution to global warming yet have been savaged by environmentalists as potentially posing a greater threat than climate change itself.

    In 2010, Gates was criticized for ploughing $300,000 dollars into a sea trial of cloud-whitening technology which involved spraying clouds with microscopic particles in an effort to make them reflect more sunlight, an experiment dubbed “dangerous” by environmental campaigners - injecting sulphur into the atmosphere could lead to “acid rain, ozone depletion or weather pattern disruption.”
    The only smart way to counter these manipulations is to boycott the products of these companies and in small ways to begin to grow one’s food in one’s own back yard if possible or perhaps in groups and exchange so that we no longer become subject to toxins that are being forcefully fed to us.

    Ideally, countries should be looking after their farmers far better than what is happening especially in Third World countries.

    Small countries like Sri Lanka are better placed to self-sustain one’s food supply internally without allowing toxins in the form of foods coming from overseas to poison our systems. How far those handling Agriculture are aware or take interest in formulating a national plan is another question.