The Flood ll


You can take science and you can't prove much of anything, because science is so changing.
Yet the Biblical text has remained constant for the last 4000 years.


Scientist Edmund Halley thought it was a hydrological impossibility to flood the earth with only 40 days rain and he figured that the deluge was CAUSED by a comet hitting the earth.
Halley tried to impress upon the Royal Society in 1694 that it was ‘the casual shock of a comet’ and ‘such a shock impelling the solid parts would occasion the waters . . . . with one impetus to run violently towards that part of the globe where the blow was received; and that with force sufficient to rake with it the whole bottom of the ocean, and to carry it upon the land; heaping up into mountains those earthy parts it had borne away with it.’
—Edmund Halley at the Royal Society 1694: published in
 Philosophical Transactions Vol. 33 p. 118 (1724).

Part one of this movie excerpt is the high point of the movie In Search of Noah's Ark (1976) including the fossil evidence found strewn across the world (paleontology) and the little mention of rock salt clusters from the sea that have been found on Ararat.   It delves into the possibility of the oceans covering the continents with Roger Rusk, although in the same way that Edmund Halley did in 1694, from a comet hitting the earth. 

Part two of this movie excerpt is of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery validating Col. Alexander Koor's contact with soldiers who were part of the expedition on Ararat in 1916-17. This is the actual shape of Noah's Ark as seen by the eyewitness account of Sam Henson. It was all rounded, no square corners on it, it was on the order of a gigantic submarine, and the Russian aviators first visual impression was that of a 'submarine' and confirms my Grandfather's description.  See Bible Times No. 3 for more details. 

See Sam Henson's view of the shape of the actual Ark in his Vision (drawing here) and Koor, Rujansky or whoever's whale back ore carrier comparison with the actual Ark seen by him in 1916.  One fourth was under water, he stated. He did not recognize the bulge at the lower third (15 ft. high), either because it was under the rocky moraine or the lake, or both. That would make the 20 ft. door level with the ground.  (Read the excerpt from the account in the paragraph reproduced here).  The basic shape is identical, when looking at the two.  In the movie excerpt from "In Search of Noah's Ark" you will hear Dr. John Warwick Montgomery vouch for Koor and Rujansky's account of the Russian expedition. He had personal contact with Col. Koor before he died.  You can also read about them and other Russian soldiers in "The Ark File" by Rene Noorbergen at Chapter 4.  

The solid information Dr. Montgomery refers to in the documentary movie AND the so-called meager details at the bottom of page 89 of "The Ark File" that are true from all recorded accounts are:  
⦿   it looked like a submarine at first glance by the aviator 
⦿   it was rounded over, was 500 feet long by 83 feet wide and 50 feet high 
⦿   workmanship was that of a high civilization
⦿   wood of cypress family-- which Strong's concordance even notes
⦿   the door was 20 foot square
Whether any of the rest is true is not significant.
The fact is, the Russian soldiers saw the actual ark in 1916-1917.

Whale Back Ship



Noah had built the Ark on the side of a mountain so that it could be launched and floated away by the tidal wave that was 2 miles high. Michael's angels were all around it and they shut the door. There were VERY FEW mountains before the flood (upheaval). This is the tremendous result of that upheaval which we call the floodAnd the water of the flood was upon the whole earth for forty days; and the water was exceedingly great, and had carried away the ark and had borne it aloft, and it was high above the submerged earth beneath. And the waters prevailed, overcame and were the victor, and were greatly enlarged, their total volume spreading out overwhelming the earth. And the Ark floated, moving, carried about, on the surface of the waters.  And the waters were strong, mighty, exceedingly violent on the earth, and all the high, exalted, rising mountains and hills under the whole atmosphere, heaven were covered over, overwhelmed, submerged. The waters predominated, prevailed, standing twenty two feet upward and more, above the highest mountain peak. And the waters prevailed and continually surged on the earth for 150 days (five months). -Gen.7:17-20,24 -Creation Bible Mountains rising, valleys sinking unto the place and levels which thou hast set. -Psa.104:8 -Creation Bible.
Today there are at least 109 mountains on Earth with elevations greater than 23,622 ft above sea level. 
 Most all of these were certainly made during the UPHEAVAL (Psa. 104:8)

The flood condition in it's entirety was upon the earth for the duration of actually 150 days, about 5 months, in verse 24 just to show the immensity of it all.  We know Mt. Ararat was in existence thenbeing 17,000 ft. above present sea level.  The Ark came to rest on it after that 5 months elapsed.  But it took another 7 months for everything to get back to normal.  It wasn't until 1 year and 10 days later, it was dry enough and safe enough to step out of the Ark.  40 days of rain did all that?  It's just like as was stated in the 
magazine: The Discovery of Noah's Ark in 1916 on Mt. Ararat . . .  where did all that water come from and where did it go, if not back to the ocean basin from whence it came? 

                     CATACLYSM   (or UPHEAVAL)  DEFINITION
Webster's 1828 Dictionary on the word CATACLYSM showing the Greek Etymology kataklusmos (which word for some reason is not found in the online version which doesn't even show etymology but is in the printed book version. The lesson is don't rely on the computer and you better keep those old dusty books after all)
Modern Webster Dictionary (1963) Cataclysm definition:  1. Flood, Deluge 2. a violent geologic change 3. a momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition


COMPARE GEN.6:11-13 
WITH REV. 11:18 -KJ 1611 "Corrupt"
see Thayer's Lexicon at left @ meaning No.1 for the
 second use of the word here in Rev.11:18
He said to Noe, The end of all flesh is come before me; the earth is filled with wickedness of the face of them, and I shall DESTROY them with the earth. (he said to Noah, The end of all flesh hath come before me, for they have filled the earth full of wickedness; and so I shall DESTROY them all, and the earth with them.) -Gen. 6:13/Wycliffe Bible

Then God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh is coming before Me, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. Behold, I am about to bring RUIN upon them along with the land. -Gen. 6:13/Tree of Life Version

This verse in Rev. 11:18 is analogous to Gen.6:11-13
Note the 2nd meaning of the word as 
in the first use in 
Rev.11:18:    destroy, ruin
God said to Noah, “I intend to make an end of all that lives, for through men the land is filled with violence; and behold, I am about to DESTROY them together with the land. -Gen. 6:13/Amplified

THE KING JAMES MARGIN IN ISA. 24:1 USES THE WORD 'PERVERT' IN THIS FUTURISTIC 2ND OVERTURNING OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AT ARMAGEDDON (perfect tense in Hebrew, YLT "hath".  The word 'TWIST' - means turn, rotate).  But is it all strictly futuristic? Note that the footnote in the Amplified suggests current & future happenings. ⇨See Keil & Delitzsch OT Commentary on this verse. This verse in Isaiah will always shed much light on Gen. 6:13 because it is the second turning of the earth by Michael:           

Restoration -Acts 3:21

HERE IS HOW ISAIAH 24:1 DIFFERENTIATES FROM THE FLOOD AND UPHEAVAL IN GENESIS 6:13.  The ruin or UPHEAVAL of it pertains more to the flood, whereas the event in Revelation 16:19-20 is more of a gradual leveling of it, preparing it for restoration back to the pre-flood condition that God had made it originally.  Before the flood it was mostly flat, just rolling hills and prairie. (Like the plain states). Zech. 14:10 shows this change.  In fact, the plain states in the center of the USA is probably what remains of that pre-flood continental design. This allowed the sea breezes to cross the land uninterrupted, which kept temperatures mild and normal at the equator, due to the gigantic ice caps. ⇨See page 44 in the book "12 Hours in Heaven" pictured below. God will spend 7 years restoring the earth (Acts 3:21before he puts man back on it. 


The Adam and Eve Story:
The History of Cataclysms
by Chan Thomas
       Published 1965       

Charles H. Hapgood (1904–1982) was an American college professor and author who became one of the best known advocates of the claim of a                                                  RAPID and 
RECENT pole shift with catastrophic results.  ⇨⇨⇨

The Adam and Eve Story: the History of Cataclysms by Chan Thomas  is along the same lines as this, although he was an electrical engineer, but a researcher of geology and paleontology.  
⇦⇦⇦⇦  He calls it "earth toppling."  [His book was declassified by CIA in 2013 CIA electronic reading room [pdf].  I have the un-sanitized copy in my possession obtained from General Dynamics back in 1965 whereupon he personally presented his information to the engineers and technical writers of which my dad was one.

The article "The Earth's Shifting Crust" by Charles Hapgood appearing in Saturday Evening Post on January 10, 1959 is in the Library.  ➡➡➡   

Continental drift [pdf] à la Alfred Wegener would have happened on a grand scale quickly, when Michael rolled the outer crust half over, and land was breaking up like ice.  Gen. 7:22 and 23 makes plain all stirring, creeping, breathing life on the land was wiped out and extinguished.  And it was suddenly just like Job 22:16 states. There was indeed, a continuous continent before the flood, going around the earth, but at the equator.  It had a regular coastline and the two ice caps were extremely large.


When Lindsey Williams was chaplain on the Pipeline project, in his book the Energy Non-Crisis  on page 18 of the online pdf or (54-58 of the paperback) he says they were bringing up lush tropical forestry and pine cones when drilling deep on the North slope of Alaska. 
Here is that excerpt [emphasis mine]: 

"Though the ground is frozen for 1,900 feet down from the surface at Prudhoe Bay, everywhere the oil companies drilled around this area they discovered an ancient tropical forest. It was in a frozen state, not in petrified state. It is between 1,100 and 1,700 feet down. There are palm trees, pine trees, and tropical foliage in great profusion. In fact, they found them lapped all over each other, just as though they had fallen in that position.
What great catastrophe caused this massive upheaval, and then led to such dramatic changes in the climate? We stress again that everything is frozennot petrified—and that the whole area has never once thawed since that great catastrophe took place. So what could possibly cause these dramatic happenings? Most Bible scholars would come to one of two conclusions. Some would argue that it is tied in some way to a great ice age which they believe occurred between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, when many events took place that are not thoroughly understood."

[Sam Henson said he saw the massive Ice Cap, much larger before the flood,  snag on the continents when they went over to the equator. It covered most of Canada, North America, Europe and didn't melt back entirely until the time of Christ. I might also add, when asked about a canopy of ice or water, he did not see any such thing there during creation. -12 Hours in Heaven].

"Others would point to the catastrophic effects (and after effects) of the Biblical flood of Noah as the case, suggesting that this is evidence of a sudden overtaking by the flood waters and sediments. The breaking up of a great canopy of water that once surrounded the earth, as well as the breaking up of the great "fountains of the deep" referred to in Genesis, could easily account for the tremendous volume of water that since then encompasses the globe. It is believed that the resulting atmospheric and geologic changes were the cause of the drastic changes in climate.

It is interesting to notice that tropical ferns have also been found at the Antarctic, and the evidence from these two areas, considered together, certainly suggests that there has been a dramatic change from a worldwide tropical climate to an Arctic climate within datable times.

It is also interesting to remember that the great Arctic explorer, Admiral Byrd, reported seeing tropical growth in near Arctic regions. Most write this off as being some sort of a mirage, or maybe even an hallucination, but perhaps we have to reconsider. Just as there can be a beautiful grand oasis in the middle of the desert of Egypt (such as the Fayum Region), perhaps there have been oases in this other kind of vast expanse in the Arctic Ocean area, where these subterranean tropical plants are (for some as yet unknown reason) still growing on the surface.

The finding of underground tropical growth is not hearsay, for I have personally watched these palm trees and other types of tropical plants being brought to the surface. Let me give you two examples. One day I watched as a pine cone was brought up from a well (although not considered tropical, they apparently grew together in historic times), and when we first saw it, it looked just exactly as it would look on a young pine tree today. It was closed, and we put it in an office on the premises of Atlantic Richfield. We simply put it on the desk and left it. The next day we came back and the pine cone had opened up. You could quite clearly see the seeds on the inside of the cone. This was obviously after thousands of years of being in a frozen state, hundreds of feet beneath the surface.

I personally have palm fronds in my home which were brought up from some 1,700 feet below the surface. Again I would like to make an observation, without necessarily giving an opinion, because I do not regard myself as expert in this area. I simply want to state that consistently this tropical forest was between 1,100 and 1,700 feet beneath the surface. The actual base of the perpetually frozen ground is approximately 200 feet below the depth of the frozen tropical forest. The oil is found at a depth of 8,700 feet, average, and it is amazing to realize that it comes from that depth without artificial pumping.

I want to tell you a second incident that you will find hard to believe. As it cannot be documented, it might not be true, but I shall simply report it as it was told to me. One day I actually watched an operation proceeding at Pump Station 3, but did not take any special interest. After all, proceedings were going on all the time. However, on this particular day a man whom I personally know to be very reliable came to me and said something like this: "Chaplain, you won't believe this, but we were digging in this gravel pit on the Sag River, quite a number of feet under the surface depth. We brought to the surface what looked like a big Louisiana bull frog. We brought it into the building and allowed it to thaw out."
As I say, what was then told to me is hard to believe. However, let me point out that the frog is a cold-blooded mammal, and that in the winter season it does go into a virtual state of deep freeze much like the hibernation associated with bears and other Arctic animals.
This his man described the way in which the frog was left there and then thawed out. He claimed they actually watched as it totally thawed, and that it then quite perceptibly moved—in fact it appeared to be alive, with those perceptible movements taking place for several minutes. Then the movement ceased, and the men threw the frog away. Of course, it would have been better if they had kept it and had the story both witnessed and properly authenticated. Nevertheless, I mention it as an incident that was accepted by others as actually taking place. I have no reason to doubt it.
This then is the setting for the North Slope of Alaska. It is a land of extremes, and that is well-illustrated by its temperature. At Prudhoe Bay I have seen it go, with the chill factor, as low as -130°F (130 degrees below zero). I have also seen it go higher than 90°F in the summertime (this being above zero and quite hot, of course). It is a beautiful land—a land that I have learned to love. In fact, during the months of July and August, the area of Prudhoe Bay is one of the most fabulously beautiful areas of the world. It looks like one great vast golf course, stretching for hundreds and hundreds of miles.
[Excerpt from Lindsey Williams book The Energy Non-Crisis, (1980) pp.54-58]

The fact that the two greatest pools of oil on earth exist near the north pole lend reliability and credibility to that area being once equatorial.
⇨For more information about oil see excerpt from This Warm Siberia! by Nikolai Meissak (1973) in the LIBRARY. 

TREES- The Oldest Living Things on Earth
When did the oldest living man (969) die? See the Library 

The flood is thought to have taken place circa 1656.  The oldest large living tree ring (dendrochronology) happens to be about 4000+ years.  

Methuselah, a bristlecone pine tree from California's White Mountains, is thought to be 4,848 years old—and the oldest non-clonal tree in the world. The exact location of the gnarled, twisted Methuselah is a Forest Service secret, for its protection (that might not be it pictured here).

Age of the Giant Sequoias

"The age of a large woody tree can be determined accurately only by an actual count of the annual growth rings on a cross section of the stump or butt log after the tree is cut down. All trees grow faster during their youth than later. It is impossible to say with any appreciable degree of accuracy just how old a large standing and living tree may be. Claims of great age have been presented for many species of trees. The baobab of Africa has been estimated to reach an age of perhaps 4,000 years, but to date no authentic ring count has been presented. The banyan of India has an estimated age of 3,000 years, which is fairly well authenticated by historical data. The tule cypress of Oaxaca, Mexico, has been variously estimated to be from 2,000 to 5,000 years old, with 3,000 the estimate of the most expert investigator. Claims of age of living trees up to 12,000 years have been made for several species, including the Macrozamia of Australia which is a cycad and does not produce annual rings. Since actual ring counts on many fallen and cut sequoias show that the age of this species frequently exceeds 3,000 years, and since one was proved to be 3,210 years old, some of the larger trees may exceed 3,500 years in age. On the basis of present verified evidence, the giant sequoia is the oldest living thing on earth. The Redwood 'Founders Tree' in Humboldt Redwood State Park, Dyerville California is the tallest tree in the world with a base diameter of 15.1 feet and height of 364 feet. In addition to being one of the most magnificent and long-lived plants, the sequoia is distinguished by having one of the most ancient lineages of any living species. Evidence of the sequoia's antiquity is sustained by fossilized remains found buried in the mud and silts of early geological periods. At least a dozen species of sequoia are known to have occurred in many parts of what is now the United States and in central and western Europe. At least one of the several species grew practically everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and their fossilized cones and foilage differ but little from the living specimens of the present day. Sequoia fossil beds have been found in several parts of North America, Europe and Asia. Glacial action may be one of the major causes for the limited distribution in scattered groves."    Excerpt from The Giant Sequoias of California by Lawrence F. Cook, Chief of Forestry, National Park Service (1955).   

A tree going back 11,750 years would take that particular tree back to the creation of plants which took place 11,000 years ago, on the third thousand-year day in Genesis. It is highly possible that it was preserved in ice, just like the frozen mammoths in ice tombs in Siberia that were quick frozen and encapsulated during the flood/upheaval either when the earth released hot gaseous material that shot up to the stratosphere and came back down super-cooled; or when Michael shifted the earth's crust and some of that original ice cap landed on them.

Some of them still had green clover in their mouths, and hadn't had time to swallow because they were quick frozen intact, it was so sudden. Others were torn apart with nothing left but skeletal remains.  

The article "The Mystery of the Frozen Mammoths" by Charles Hapgood appearing in Coronet  September, 1960 is in the Library.    ⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨

The article "Riddle of the Frozen Giants" by Ivan T. Sanderson appearing in Saturday Evening Post  January 16, 1960 is in the Library.    ⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨

"Mammoths, mastodons, rhinocereoses and hippopotami, belonging to the same family, are found distributed over Asia, Europe and America, regions far from where they now live. U.S., Britain, France and Siberia supported numerous cohorts of them in antediluvian times" (from the book by Cecil Lowry at the bottom of this page  ...whose compilation of such material was unique back in 1943).

But a tree 80,000 years old is something impossible, for the earth had no life on it beyond 13,000 years ago.  It was just like the moon is now, void of life and without form or fashion.  Much of the granite and marble rock was brought up to the surface in the flood/upheaval that was on the bottom of the outer crust next to the mantle and molten material. The layers HAVE ALL BEEN MIXED UP now, and the previous civilization got buried about a mile beneath the surface. 



George McCready Price, author of the sensational textbook, New Geology, said:  "Here it may suffice to say that the concurrent testimony of the geological deposits throughout the world is that some very profound and very enormous catastrophe must have happened to our world sometime in the long ago.  That some great world-convulsion must have taken place since man and the other living species of plants and animals were alive, is as well established an historical event as is the destruction of Carthage or the fall of Babylon. And any scheme of organic evolution which IGNORES this great world event is simply building upon the sands."

George McCready Price (26 August 1870 – 24 January 1963) was a Canadian creationist. He produced several anti-evolution and creationist works, particularly on the subject of flood geology. His views did not become common among creationists until after his death, particularly with the modern creation science movement starting in the 1960s.



There is yet another historical (although pagan) record of the flood by Berosus, a Babylonian priest, whose writing still exists in fragment stating: "78 years from the time (Noa) began to build the ship, the ocean of a sudden broke out....." 
View the entirety of the writing on page 4 of the Bible Times No. 3.  Cannot locate the source material from which Cecil J. Lowry "The Coming Tribulation" (Zondervan, 1943) got this from, as he did not publish a bibliography in his book. Also there is a website about Berosus and his writings: 

Ever wonder what caused the mountain ranges etc.? Psalms 104:8 in the Jewish Bible (Tanakh, 1985) says: "Mountains rising, valleys sinking." The King James (1611 margin) says: "The mountains ascend, the valleys descend." This is what happened at the flood. At the armageddon Michael will roll the planet back over again (slowly so as to not cause a flood). This will result: "Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain"--Isa.40:4.

But the weather will be affected none the less: "Thunders, and lightnings"--Rev.16:18. "Great hail out of heaven"--Rev.16:21. "An overflowing rain, and great hailstones"--Ezek.38:22 .... verses 19-23 talk about the armageddon in that chapter).


Fossil remains abundantly prove that one time a temperate, semitropical, or tropical climate prevailed over the entire globe. [Please note: This statement is not entirely true, but what it does suggest is that the polar regions were once in the equatorial region--DH].  Until recent years it was not known that a warm climate once existed in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Dec. 10, 1922: “In time long gone by, the region about the North Pole had a warm climate and all of Greenland was covered with a luxuriant tropical vegetation. This is positively known because fossil remains of palms, bread-fruit trees and other plants properly belonging to warm latitudes have been dug up there in quantities.”

Within eight degrees of the North Pole (Greeley the explorer) found a fossil forest with stumps of trees still standing.
                  WHAT IS A FOSSIL FOREST?
The fossil remains from Axel Heiberg Island 
are an outstanding example of preservation.
These plants were not permineralized (replaced
with silica). They still contain the original carbon
based material and the wood from the trees can 
still be burned. 
This picture is an example of the preservation. 
These cypress needles, found in a forest floor
litter portion of the Axel Heiberg island deposits
look better than most year old forest floor litter
because of the way they were preserved.

Government geologists, David White and Charles Schuchert, paid a visit of exploration to west Greenland, where, far north of the Artic Circle, they studied a fossil flora of palms, tree ferns, bread-fruit trees, cinnamon trees, etc., belonging properly to the neighborhood of the equator.

A report of Admiral Byrd's expedition of the Antarctic world in The National Geographic Magazine, Oct. 1935, under the following caption: "When a South Pole Suburb Was Semitropical." These finds included plant fossils, leaf and stem impressions, coal and fossilized wood. Scarcely two hundred miles from the South Pole, was found conclusive evidence that the climate, in Antarctica was once temperate or even subtropical."



"For the fashion of this world passesth away"-1 Cor. 7:31
The outward form of this world -Amplified Bible

Isaiah 24 says something about the geological changes of the earth that took place at the flood. God created this world perfect, it was a paradise! Earthquakes were not known before the flood. Isa.24:1 /1611 KJV says "The Lord perverteth the face thereof" in lieu of "turneth it upside down." Check the margin of it and read the Translators to the Reader introduction, 15th paragraph. The "face" in Hebrew means the surface. This is where it is derived scripturally that the surface of the earth was turned and that it will be turned once again here and in Isa.13:13 and Job 9:6. This is how Gen. 6:13 was accomplished. This is what Paul in 1 Cor. 7:31 is referring to as the schema of this present world, which will pass away (when Michael rolls it half over again). The word metaschematizo is a word that brings out the meaning of schema.  A study of Isa. 24:18-20 will reveal that the earth is fragmented, cracked, broken up, etc. There are now faults all over the outer crust surface of the planet. It is in a state of flux, shifting around. Michael will solve this problem when he rolls it over easy this time, (so as not to cause a flood).  This second turning is not abrupt, and will accomplish the following rearrangement.

In the process he will shake it all down (taking about 6 months to turn it) and resettle it. All the mountains will be shook down, and the low places will rise. It will be made uniform and solid once again. The end result is found in Zech. 14:10 where the land will be leveled and in verse 11 there will be no more utter destruction, i.e. extermination or annihilation such as mentioned in the footnote in the Amplified @ Isa.24:1. The schema : "fashion," 'form or outward appearance,' which in the Greek here is necessarily the outward structure or distinctive form of this world (Theological Dictionary of the NT ) . . . . . . . it will be changed up. This is part of the Complete Restoration of all things in Acts 3:21/Amp. This is equivalent to the earth's "Regeneration" in Mat.19:28 which is associated with the birth pains in Mark 13:8. And of course Isa.65:17 is that new earth. Until that happens, Psa.46:2,3 is our only hope.

It is an evident fact that mountains result from upheavals or catastrophes,
in most cases, at least, by a sudden violent convulsion.

The great French geologist, Dr. F. A. Pouchet, said: “In the earliest times the surface of the earth presented no mountains. The mountains are only the result of upheavals of the crust of the earth.” He goes on to mention that at least some mountains were formed at the Flood.

Dr. F. A. Pouchet: “The birth of lofty chains of mountains has occasioned great disturbances among the ancient oceans.”

“Mountains rising, valleys sinking”—Psalm 104:8 / Tanakh (1985)

The following quotations from geologists affirm the fact of upheavals of the earth’s crust.

In his Theory of the Earth, Baron Georges Cuvier said: “I agree with MM. Deluc and Dolomieu in thinking that if anything in geology be established, it is that the surface of our globe has undergone a great and sudden revolution, the date of which cannot be referred to a much earlier period than five or six thousand years ago.”

Fish are found in the rocks and shales of Europe and America in such huge quantities as to thoroughly saturate the rocks with oil. In many cases the rock will burn almost like coal. The above fact has led several geologists to assign the source of oil to fish. Prof. J.M. MacFarlane, of the University of Pennsylvania, published a book, in 1923, entitled,Fishes—the Source of Petroleum.”  

The Australian geologist, Edward Suess, said: “The earthquakes of the present day are certainly but faint reminiscences of those telluric movements to which the structure of almost every mountain range bears witness. Numerous examples of great mountain chains suggest by structure the possibility, and in certain cases even the probability, of the occasional intervention in the course of great geologic processes of episodal disturbances, of such indescribable and overpowering violence that the imagination refuses to follow the understanding and to complete the picture of which the outlines are furnished by the observation of fact.”

George McCready Price, author of the sensational textbook, New Geology, said:  "Here it may suffice to say that the concurrent testimony of the geological deposits throughout the world is that some very profound and very enormous catastrophe must have happened to our world sometime in the long ago.  That some great world-convulsion must have taken place since man and the other living species of plants and animals were alive, is as well established an historical event as is the destruction of Carthage or the fall of Babylon. And any scheme of organic evolution which IGNORES this great world event is simply building upon the sands."

George McCready Price (26 August 1870 – 24 January 1963) was a Canadian creationist. He produced several anti-evolution and creationist works, particularly on the subject of flood geology. His views did not become common among creationists until after his death, particularly with the modern creation science movement starting in the 1960s.

There is far more evidence in that our present-day coal mines are the result of great forests which were covered suddenly by a sudden catastrophe, involving the BREAKING UP OF THE EARTH'S SURFACE rather than by a gradual process.  Fish are scattered in abundance over the continents, with remarkable preservation proving that they were buried alive or within a few hours after death.  The skeleton of a fossil fish,  Portheus molossus, which is 12 feet 8 inches long, was discovered in Logan County, Kansas.  Mammoths, mastodons, rhinocereoses and hippopotami, belonging to the same family, are found distributed over Asia, Europe and America, regions far from where they now live.  U.S., Britain, France and Siberia supported numerous cohorts of them in antediluvian times.

-some of the above geologist quotations taken from The Coming Tribulation by Cecil J. Lowry (Zondervan, 1943)

CECIL  J.  LOWRY,  Principal of Southwestern Bible Institute,  and teacher. 
Graduate of Central Bible Institute; Bnai Brith School; 

Principal of Rocky Mountain Bible College in Denver, Colo., for four years;   taught in Enid, Okla.(Southwestern Bible School) for four years.   Pastoral and evangelistic experience.  
Subjects: Dispensational Truth,  Doctrine, Ancient History, Homiletics,  Epistles, Church History, Acts, Hebrew.



No one has understood what the Bible says about the Flood.  And is it any wonder since there is not even ONE translation of the following words that is precise, or even close. No hint is even given by way of a footnote. This then, is a monumental effort put forth to instruct and hereby challenge the individual reader.

The Hebrew word nâhâr from Job 22:16 and the Greek kataklusmŏs from 2 Peter 2:5 & Mat. 24:39 both mean something in particular.  While “flood” is a safe overall commentary on the words, it does not supply the root meaning and therefore the underlying cause of the flood.  The ‘fairy tale’ myths that have arisen concerning the book of Genesis are unsurmountable & cannot be overcome without knowing what exactly took place.  The eyewitness account provided by my Grandfather's vision plus the knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek makes it possible to reveal the Biblical text in those areas.   The vision can only harmonize, illuminate and corroborate the Hebrew and Greek text of our Bible in those areas where translators are unsure about the precise meaning of that Hebrew/Greek original.  Without this 'overall picture of events' that was given to my Grandfather, they cannot piece all the flood puzzle together as evidenced by Job 22:16.  I have yet to find a single one that translates the Hebrew word nâhâr precisely in Job 22:16.  To me it is obvious.  Translators are reluctant to see the flood in Job 22:16 as definitely the same one in Gen. 7:10, even though Job lived right after the flood and is one of the oldest books.  And even more obvious, is Jesus referring to the passage in Mat. 24:39. So without any justifiable excuse, all of our translators go with the word "river" or just avoid it all together and say waters or flood when the word means here literally, sea.  

The Hebrew and Greek text is as alive and revealing now, as it was 2000-4500 years ago. Job 22:16, Isaiah 54:9, Amos 5:8; 9:6, Mat.24:39 and 2 Peter 2:5 all go far in stating and backing up the facts, sometimes in just a single word.   Job, which is considered a scientific book would be a good place to start if you want the physical facts of the flood.  You will see all of those verses here in detail.  And as you proceed, If you will be intellectually honest with yourself, and consider what other versions are saying through their commentary-by-way-of- translation,  then you will begin to see just what these passages are really saying in the original (even though all you need is the 1611 King James Version with margin & 'Translators to the Reader' 15th paragraph and maybe Strong's Exhaustive Concordance).


The faulty premise everybody begins with, is that the flood was caused by 40 days of continual rain. While that proposition is patently absurd even from the hydrological standpoint of the Ark coming to rest atop Mt. Ararat (discovered there in 1916) which is some 16,946 feet above sea level, should be reason enough to make someone skeptical and wonder. Yet people would stake their lives on their beliefs, not of what the Bible actually says in the original language, but of what they think about it, whether based on a commentary (version), or some Sunday school lesson.   Nahar in Job 22:16 can be a river only if you don't understand the true meaning of the passage.  Because translators don't know for certain it relates to Gen. 7:10, they are reluctant to see it as the New English Translation translates the word in Jonah 2:3 as "OCEAN CURRENT."  Nor do they understand Isa.54:9.  Will they take into consideration that neither a river or 40-days-of-rain would destroy every living substance/thing on the face of all the earth as was stated in Gen.7:3,4,21-23; 8:21 ? "Noah only remained....and they that were with him in the ark"-Gen.7:23. That excluded every body else and every living thing that was outside of the ark.  Gen. 6:13: "I will destroy them with the earth (or along with the land)" ⬜